About us

Зимин Андрей Михайлович   (Chef)           



I was born in Moscow. I've been cooking and baking since my childhood. I like to travel and to learn about others cuisine and culture.  

I started my career in 1991. I have worked in such restaurants as "Swiss House", "Angelicos", "Rosinni" and "Coffee House", in casino "Corona", sport club "World Class",  osteria "P&D", pizzeria "Pizzateca and Dolce" and etc.   I've worked with French, Austrian, German, Swiss, Dutch and Italian chefs. I know various european cuisines and conceptions. I've planed and supervise kitchens' construction (more than 10), I've developed menus according to the owner's request and restaurant's conception.

All the projects that I've worked were successful and had a commercial success.   If you have any offers, or seek professional advice please send your suggestions by email.